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The Lunch Cards are a labor of love. I began more than a decade ago making up riddle cards and notes to put into the lunches of my three children. They loved them, and they loved sharing them with their friends. Their reaction to such a small gesture that brightened their day also brightened mine. I now tuck away the cards in the lunches of my husband and often include them with gifts or under a pillow.

I thought that I could use my knowledge as a graphic designer (from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP College) and share what I've experienced with others by making The Lunch Cards easy to use for everyone and yet just as meaningful as the first time I scribbled out a riddle and answer on a card for my oldest when she went off to school for the first time.

I hope you enjoy The Lunch Cards as much as I did making them. I'm a mom making cards for moms, dads and anyone who wants to brighten a child's day by providing a little extra T.L.C.

Let me know about your experience with The Lunch Cards!


Kristi Kane Benson

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